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The Wilbur family (3rd generation) has a tradition of creating Peep dioramas. We wanted to share this fun tradition with you! Using the Wilbur’s of Maine Peep Diorama DIY Kit, you can get creative. Build a fabulous Peep garden, lunar landing, or playground, whatever your little Peep heart desires!

Are you feeling motivated & inspired?

Some favorite tips, suggestions, and inspiration ideas can be found here and here . Of course, you can also keep reading to see some of our creations at Wilbur’s through the years! Melting the white chocolate can help the pieces stick or stand on or inside the top or bottom of the box or almost anywhere you need!

Contest Time!

Contest Details:

We are offering some fabulous prizes and bragging rights to at least 3 winners of our 2021 #wilbursofmainepeepcontest. This Peep Diorama contest is open to all ages. Judges will use their discretion, but dioramas likely to excel need to be creative, imaginative, and fun.

Please include at least 3 different kinds of edible materials from your kit. One element of the diorama must be a Peep! You can also add any additional materials that help set your scene.

A title or description may also help translate your vision to the judges. Entries featuring “R” rated or mean-spirited content will not be accepted or considered. Our judges’ decisions are final.

To Enter

Please post a photo of your Peep Diorama to Instagram or Facebook and tag @wilbursofmaine and #wilbursofmainepeepcontest. We will accept submissions through March 21, 2021. Enjoy some creative fun with your Peeps!

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