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9 Questions With….

A new series showing you a little bit of work-life in the Chocolate Factory!


Lori, Whole Foods Account Coordinator

1. Whole Foods Account Coordinator, sounds pretty self-explanatory, but tell us exactly what that entails.

I handle Whole Foods’ accounts from the start. We started selling to Whole Foods in 2010. We now have 40 accounts.

Each day, I check emails, print orders, the weather for shipping to see if we need to use cooler packs, and freezer cases. Shipping and prepping for shipment, making labels, checking the production schedule to make sure we have the product we need when we need it. I also get together the things we need for Friday demos at Whole Foods.


2. That sounds like a lot! Is this the only position you’ve had at Wilbur’s? Did you start in another department first?

This is the only position I’ve had in the two and a half years I’ve worked here. I do work in the panning room on Fridays as well when I’m not doing a demo.

3. How did you get started at Wilbur’s?

I answered an ad on Craiglist!

4. What is your favorite part of the job? 

I love getting the product to the vendors. It’s a quality product, so much so that a lot of people who say they “don’t like candy” like our candy and chocolates, so that means a lot.

5. Is there a least favorite part?

Well, probably summer season just because it adds another element of stress. Nothing we can’t handle, but there are a lot of extra steps to make sure things arrive safely. We check the weather, shipping with cool packs, or in cooler boxes.

6. What makes Wilbur’s different from other places you’ve worked?

There is more verbal or face-to-face communication, not a chain of command to be followed. Also, I get to know the customers personally because I take their calls and orders.

7. Do you think that personal touch is an important part of the business? 

I think the vendors appreciate it. I know that seeing the owners here every day means that they listen and understand the human side of their employees, which I appreciate.


8. What do you want customers to know about Wilbur’s?

How much work and pride go into all our products. The owner is here every day, staying on top of the quality. The proof is in the taste!

9. Do you have favorite chocolate we make?

Scotch Kisses! And anything with our homemade marshmallow. Cookie Butter Nom Noms are good, but we don’t have those right now!


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